Edward D. Smith, CIC, Founder of HealthTree,

Edward D. Smith, CIC, Founder of HealthTree,

About the founder

Edward is a frequent speaker, healthcare analyst, and founding Healthcare Rosetta Advisor. He has guided clients who have pioneered innovation in the Healthcare Benefits space. Edward has been a multi-year speaker at the World HealthCare Congress and received a Health Value Award in the category of “Outstanding Benefits Broker or Consultant Leadership” by the Validation Institute. HealthTree was created out of a passion to reduce healthcare costs for employers without reducing quality, and that’s exactly what they do for their clients every day…successfully.

It’s also personal for him… After 6 doctors, 3 misdiagnoses, 1 very large and very rare tumor, and years of persistence, Edward knows the personal side of healthcare. Thankfully, he had a guide – his better half, Laura, who fought for him at every step and found the path to good health. Without her guidance, Edward believes there were at least a half dozen junctures where his health outcome would have been vastly different.

Edward believes the same can be said for employers trying to provide healthcare benefits for their employees. Without a guide, they’re at an extreme disadvantage trying to navigate our complicated healthcare system. Most just give up and give in to paying the same old cost increase year after year.

As a principal of Hutchinson Traylor, a risk management consulting firm, Edward combines his personal mission with in-depth, insurance industry knowledge to offer HealthTree, a comprehensive health and employee benefits platform.  Acting as an advocate for employers, HealthTree sheds light on the financial incentives embedded within our health system that have been intentionally hidden from employers.   

As your guide, HealthTree can help companies like yours achieve better medical outcomes for your employees at a significantly lower cost.