Total Medical + Rx Results:


Average Total Healthcare Savings for HealthTree Clients


Source: *Truven Medstat Industry Benchmarks

-On average, HealthTree Clients spend 30-40% less than the National Average on healthcare.


1,129 Employee Group

5 year total savings $17.7 Million

47% less than traditional PPO


Healthcare Spend Over 5 Years (1129 Employee Organization)


* Average payment by PPO Network based on 35% off of billed charges.

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At HealthTree, we are passionate about transforming healthcare to create transparency and fairness for employers.


173 Employee Group

5 Year Total Savings $894,306

32% less than traditional PPO


Healthcare Spend over 5 Years: 173 Employees


Rx Optimization Results:


Average Prescription Drug Savings for HealthTree Clients


HealthTree clients save an average of $50 per member, per month.

451 Employee Organization


Prescription Drug Savings


Annualized savings in 2019 projected at 52% of a traditional PBM.

That’s a total savings of $800,000

“After a week at the beach, Ashley ended up with a bad ear infection.  I called and within two hours we had a prescription in hand.  

Not only was it convenient, but we got a jump start on the infection. And, I didn’t miss a day of work! This is my very favorite benefit our company offers!!!”
— Employee of a HealthTree Client

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:


Will this be a pain to implement?  I'm worried it will disrupt my employees.

Relieving the burden of employees and HR personnel are two of our highest priorities. You can keep your current plan design and still save money. There's plenty of waste "behind the curtain" that will not impact your employees at all. Our goal is to enable you to attract and retain the best employees by adding benefits, not reducing them.  And this is entirely possible, just ask our clients.

Automating the HR life cycle of an employee comes standard with HealthTree. From job applicant tracking to COBRA administration, the HealthTree solution includes a mobile-friendly enrollment and advocacy platform supported by a fully integrated system for core HR, payroll, talent and workforce management designed for companies of all shapes and sizes.  


Will this work?  It seems too good to be true.

It has and it will. The path to fix healthcare is remarkably clear once you have the data to understand where the waste is coming from.   Inside the traditional model, your data is kept hidden from you, which prevents you from being able to make educated decisions about your health plan.  The data-driven approach used by HealthTree puts you back in the drivers seat.  And it works.  If you're still not convinced, contact us for references.


It's hard to change.  Won't I be better off just staying with the status quo?

Do you work for Google? Apple? Walmart? If so, the status quo is probably OK. Otherwise, do a quick calculation of your healthcare expense if it were to increase at the same trajectory it has over the last 15 years.  The status quo in healthcare has stolen the American dream, and remaining there will only put you further behind. 

The good news is that employers all across this country are taking back control of their healthcare expense.  And we can help you, too.


Can you get "good benefits" without going through the large insurance carriers?

YES is the short answer. All across the country savvy Employers who offer their employees the very best benefits do so on their own terms. Perhaps they rent a national carrier's network to access providers but none of these Employers allow a carrier to administer or control the data inside their health plan. The 'secret sauce' is  aligning financial incentives among all advisors/vendors to your health plan to improve employee health and lower cost. Health plans designed in this way can be just as turn-key an experience for employees and HR administrators as being fully-insured with an insurance carrier. 


How are you different from all the other brokers out there?

For starters I'm horrible at golf and I like to study healthcare for fun, which my friends and family thinks is crazy. My background is finance & data analytics, not sales. I've worked as a consultant in the insurance industry for 20 years as a principal with Hutchinson Traylor Insurance, but it was enduring my own healthcare experience that inspired me to create HealthTree. 

Simply operating with transparency and clarity makes us different, an admittedly low bar.  But we also eliminate hidden incentives within traditional plans and disclose all of our fees up front. We work for the best interest of you and your employees, and our outcomes speak for themselves. Our mission is to solve healthcare for employers across the country. 


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